Corporate Training

For years we have been teaching businesses the tools for team-building and communication and having fun while doing it.  We have updated our teaching and our exercises to make them effective for businesses working with groups remotely.

Many of us are meeting and working remotely with mixed results.  Improv offers the tools you need to create, communicate, and work better online

The key skills of Improv are:

  • The ability to work as a member of a group
  • Creating and building together as a team
  • Listening and Accepting
  • Authentic Emotional Connection with others
  • Leadership

Check out our regular online classes tailored to the skills you and your business need to succeed.

We also offer online courses utilizing the skills of Improv to create connected and effective teams.  These fun filled classes are custom tailored to your company and the skills you wish to learn.
Or just have fun with an online event that gets everyone involved in playing games, showing off their talents, and laughing together.

Contact us to learn more about bringing these unique and effective trainings to your company.