Our Theater is closed, but classes continue online

We have been working to provide you with Improv Exercises that you can do at home.

There are three sets of lesson plans.  the first is for people working by themselves who want to work on their acting and improv skills.

The second is for small groups.  We do not encourage forming a group to practice improv in person at this time.  However, if you have a home with multiple people who want to work together, or you are at home with kids who need an activity, these exercises are for you.

The third set includes fun improv games to play with kids and teach them some acting skills as well.

Solo Improv Lessons


Small Group Improv Lessons


Fun Improv Games to Play with Kids


Springfield Improv’s Training Center offers a full course in improvisation whether you are looking to gain some skills for interacting with people more effectively in social or work settings, building better teams for success, or nailing that audition for a spot on a regular Improv Show, we offer it all.

Classes are designed and taught by the highly trained staff at Springfield Improv. Our instructors have traveled the country learning the art of Improv and the skill of teaching it from some of the top theaters and performers in the country.



Seth White

Seth has decades of experience as a teacher and 10 years as an Improviser.  He has taught Improv for many years and is also the Executive Director and founder of Springfield Improv.  Seth’s teaching career has included everything from high school to corporate training to firefighting to poetry.

Seth believes improv is based in teamwork.  It is an environment of no mistakes and a place where the question is always why is this the best thing ever?